"Tea is more than just a drink. Tea is a philosophy and culture we are very excited to share with you. Being in this business for many years we are proud to share with you our knowledge and authentic tea we find during our Way!"


We are family business started its tea journey back in a 1964, when the founders, our grandfather and grandmother, met in 1964, in Thanh Ba Tea Factory, the first tea factory in Vietnam. They were working there as interns and then joined in management and quality control. After setting the first one, they move to another place in Yên Bái to build the biggest tea factory at that time. After that they have been working and travelling around Vietnam to help setting more tea gardens and factories until they retired. Being a technologist and tea taster for most part of their lives they kept tea as a centre of attention in our family's values.

Continue their legacy, we work in such fields as manufacturing, trade promotion and education, to help Vietnam tea producers and tea entertainers develop Vietnamese Tea Culture.


Being passionate about high quality products we always focus on the quality. We try to do our best to bring you Vietnamese tea you will enjoy and share with your loved ones.

We work with one of the best tea masters from all over the Vietnam as well as produce our own tea in a few different provinces. We specialize on a wholesale and blending, providing unique tea products and projects in Vietnam and abroad. We organize private tea tours to show people tea culture and how tea is being harvested, processed and consumed. We educate people by organizing special tea events focused on a High Tea Culture. We continue to keep tea as a main thing in our lives and share our love and passion about this beautiful plant.

"Awakening the senses!"

Since 2012 we work with one of the best tea producers from all over Vietnam and have a great relationships which guarantee benefits for both sides. We support their small productions every year to help them to create a high-quality product which will satisfy our customer's needs. We always care about the freshness and quality to bring you high-end product for a best price possible.

Since 2012 we keep our warehouse where we store teas from different years and have a great stock of semi-aged and even old tea. We do have about 20+ teas in our assortment available right here right now to satisfy every wholesale buyer's need. We work with private customers as well as big companies and have an individual approach. We export tea in America, Australia, Europe, Russia, and Asian countries. We are looking for a longtime partnerships and ready to offer you one of the best prices and quality can get.

Since 2022 we are creating our own products and author's blends, and have an opportunity to help your project to have your own unique product nobody else have.

We can create your own Sheng Pu'Er recipe according to your need, as well as red/black tea, traditional scented teas and even more.

We hold tea educational workshops and masterclasses to educate local people and tourists about tea in Vietnam as well tea cultures from different countries to wide their experience a teach how to appreciate local tea.

We do our best to help Vietnamese tea culture evolve and become more beautiful.

Since 2017 we hold professional tea tours to the main tea producing regions to help people witness tea cultivation, harvesting and production. For our wholesale customers this is a great opportunity to get to know their producers and see production of their tea from a to z. For private customers this is a unique opportunity to enjoy country life high in a mountains as well as to visit ancient tea tree areas and harvest their own small batch of tea.

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